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Ivar de Lange on cocktails and bartending

A little bit of background

Ivar de Lange is a veteran in the Dutch bartending scene. Starting at the age of 15 he is bartending for over 2o years. During his university years in Nijmegen, he worked in a cocktailbar. After getting his master in Medical Psychology, he works in a hospital for several months. Then he decides to open his first cocktailbar, Demain. Ivar de Lange wins many bartending awards and accolades. Currently Ivar is owner of ivardelange.com. He also works as the Master Bartender at Lucas Bols.

See and listen Ivar de Lange talk about cocktails!

The cocktail- and bartending scene

As a veteran in the Dutch and international bartending scene, Ivar de Lange has a good view on that scene. Lots of things happened the past years. We are now in what we call the second golden age of the cocktail. When Ivar de Lange starts bartending people mainly make sweet and coloured drinks. Ever since David Wondrich, Gary Regan and Dale DeGroff started writing their iconic books, things changed. Especially David Wondrich’ Imbibe had a string influence. As a result bartenders started to get a renewed interest in classic cocktails. Also classic cocktail ingredients like bitters and vermouths regained interest.

The Dutch Cocktail- and bartending scene

So what has changed in the Dutch bar scene? More and more bartenders started to get interested in all different ingredients. Experimenting with new, and researching about the old. Where 20 years ago, cocktails were mainly made in bars serving all kind of drinks. More and more specialised and high quality cocktailbars appeared. Demain is one of them!

Nowadays we can count the Dutch cocktail- and bartending seen amongst the best in the world. Click on the link below to see and hear Ivar de Lange talk about this scene and show some of his signature drinks.