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Making Highball Cocktails

Russell & Co.

Russell & Co is a new soda brand focussing on the high end soda market. was closely involved in the product development of the three types of sodas for Russell & Co. Botanical Tonic Water, Sicilian Lemon Bitter and Golden Giner Ale. We developed an on trend highball cocktail strategy for the three Russell & Co soda’s. Highball Cocktails are two or three step cocktails, topped up with a soda. Easy to make, always consistent and full of flavour.

Highball Cocktail

Russell & Co perfect serve. A highball with monkey shoulder and ginger ale. (Styling by Cork and Top)

Drink Strategy developed a drink strategy for Russell & Co, focussing on the newest cocktail trends. Consistent to make in all bars and focussing on the best flavour combinations for each individual soda. Highball Cocktails gain popularity all over the world. Mainly because they are complex in flavour, yet easy to make everywhere. By using classic and stylish glassware combined with the right garnish, you create a unique drinking experience for the guest. Visual is a very important ingredient of any drink or dish.

What to drink?

We developed several serves for the three flavours. Each flavour has it’s hero drink that we describe below.

We are all well aware of the Gin & Tonic hype that is going on these days. Gin is hot. We want to think a step further. For Russell & Co we looked for a low abv%, easy to make drink strategy. One of our favourite aperitifs in cocktails is vermouth. The smooth taste of Russell & Co is a perfect combination with vermouth in this highball cocktail.

Lemon Bitter-Willems Wermoed-Spirit

(Styling by Cork and Top)

Sicilian Lemon Bitter is one of our favourite sodas. The fresh flavour of the sicilian lemon is a delight to mix with. We wanted to use a liqueur that can be found in many bars. A liqueur that has worldwide availability and everybody knows. A liqueur that every bar has, though not every bar knows how to use. Southern Comfort is all that. The full peach flavour of this whiskey based liqueur go excellent with the Sicilian Lemon Bitter.

Many classic highball is made with ginger ale. Think of the Horse’s Neck (with a kick if you want). This classic highball cocktail goes back to 1920-1930. Adding a splash of lime to your whisky and ginger ale makes for a Mammie Taylor. And this is our perfect serve for Russell & Co ginger ale. Monkey Shoulder whisky, lime juice and Russell & Co ginger ale. Simple yet complex. As good drinks are supposed to be.

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