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Freddy’s Beer Kitchen

What is Freddy’s Beer Kitchen

Maybe not really a cocktailbar, Freddy’s Beer Kitchen is all about quality. As is A craft beer bar where they serve homemade hotdogs in the middle of the centre of Nijmegen. The moment Freddy’s Beer Kitchen approaches us, we are enthusiastic. They ask us to make a drinking menu. For Freddy’s this means making the spirits selection and the cocktails.


Nijmegen is the oldest city of the Netherlands and is what we call a student city. With a famous university and college in town, a lot of students live in the city. Nijmegen lays in the east of Holland, close to the German border. This is where Ivar de Lange starts his first cocktailbar Demain in 2008 and this is also where put its’ mark on the bar scene. With over 20 bars and restaurants trained and having their menu designed by, we can safely say that we introduced cocktails in town.

What did we do at Freddy’s Beer Kitchen

First challenge Freddy’s Beer Kitchen gives us, is to design the spirits menu. We can think outside the box and suggest spirits not widely known in the Netherlands. We put a New Make Spirit on the menu, handcrafted Gins as well as a smoked Vodka. And we are asked to train the staff in making these drinks. And knowledge, of course we trained them on their spirits- and cocktail knowledge. Because we shake knowledge.

Drinking Menu

For Freddy’s, we developed a highball menu. Drinks full of taste, but easy to make in a bar mainly focused on and build for serving beer. We present you a menu consisting only of highballs. Easy to make and they still contain flavours and combinations that wow the guests!  You can check out yourself at Freddy’s Beer Kitchen in Nijmegen or read more about it on their website.

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