Column in Entree Magazine

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Read Ivar’s guest column about cocktails, bar ownership and bartending in Entree Magazine here.


Entree Magazine

Entree magazine is one of the leading bar magazines in the Netherlands. And it is known for its quality pieces on cocktails, bar ownership and bartending. Years ago, Venuez magazine emerged with Entree magazine to form this leading magazine in design and cocktails.

Cocktails, bar ownership and bartending

Winning Diageo’s World Class, was asked to write a column about his experiences with cocktails and bar ownership. Since Ivar had successfully started cocktailbar Demain, and won many prices with the cocktail bar and as a cocktail bartender it makes him the ideal person to share his experiences in the eyes of Entree Bar Magazine.


The column gives Ivar the ideal platform to talk about his passion and what drives Ivar de Lange to follow the dream of opening a bar, and giving up a good job in the hospital. Looking back on that hard working first year was an emotional and eye opening proces.  Hence you could call writing the article; therapy through writing. Initially Ivar planned to write a column with tips and tricks on opening a bar. During the proces of writing, it turned out to be an emotional trip down memory lane.

Starting a bar

Like Ivar de Lange, a lot of young bartenders have the dream of opening their own bar. Dreaming of having creative freedom and the luxury of a fully stocked backbar with all the spirits you can dream of, they go to the bank and ask for a loan. The romanticism of owning a bar stops there quiet often. Hard work, late nights and not a lot of money.Those are the characteristic of young entrepreneurship. This was also the case for Ivar and it was also the period in which he wrote this article.

Learning through experience

In conclusion we can tell that writing this article was an important moment in the history of Some years have passed now. Looking back at the starting years and the column in Entree magazine, we can tell that having gone through this rough starting period, has helped us in our experience in bar consultancy. We believe that we might not always be able to tell you what to do, but that we are most certainly able to tell you what not to do. And that is most valuable for a starting bar owner!