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Cocktails in Croatia

We don’t know how good your Croatian is. If good, enjoy this interview with Ivar de Lange about cocktails in Croatia in! at Bar Convent Berlin

Giving interviews about cocktails is something that happens more and more. Cocktails are trendy and people want to know more about it. Talking about cocktails to a Croatian Bar Magazine is something new for us though. When hosting the Bols Genever bar at Bar Convent Berlin, Ivar gives an interview to, a Croatian bar magazine. Since BCB is the bar convent in Europe that attracts all international bartenders, this is the ideal occasion for them.

Cocktails in Croatia

To be honest, we don’t know much about the bar scene in Croatia. So talking about cocktails in Croatia, we improvise a bit 😉 Luckily the interview turns out not to be about cocktails in Croatia per se, but more about international cocktail trends. Since we are at an international cocktail convent, and we just returned from the World 50 Best Bar Awards, this were the topics we focused on. And Bols Genever of course since that was what brought us there. We do really hope you speak Croatian. And if you do, could you please explain us what they wrote… is the leading magazine about cocktails in Croatia. It is mainly digital and writes about bartenders, cocktails, cocktail bars and bartending as a craft. The website is in English as well, for the non -Croatian speakers. Though currently this article is not in English yet. So if you are a bartender in Croatia and interested in Cocktails, this the website to go to! We are very honoured about giving this interview to this leading bar magazine and we hope you enjoy reading our interview. We hope you enjoy it!