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Cocktail making with oils

The art of cocktail making

What does it take to become a good bartender? It is a question we get asked quiet often. Is there an answer to it? We don’t really think so. In this small blog we will talk a bit about our vision on cocktail making. First of all, for us making a good cocktail is making sure your guest gets the drinks they want. Most of all hospitality is the start of a good drink. Bartending you don’t do for yourself. While maybe you don’t agree with the guest choice. But it is your job though to make that drink and make it well balanced. So this requires practice and knowledge. Knowledge about cocktails and knowledge about ingredients.

Cocktail design

We see a distinction between cocktail making for your guests and cocktail design. If you work on the menu of on a competition cocktail, things are a bit different. Maybe this might be more of an intrinsic proces because there are no immediate guests involved. As a result you have more time for the proces. You have more time to do ingredient research. For some, this is the most exciting part of cocktail making. What we like to do is read cooking books. Go to markets and herbs and spice shops. Experiment with ingredients and think outside the box. We always start with a concept for a drink. A theme. This gives you direction and inspiration. An important thing to take in consideration is scalability. When for a competition, brands are often looking for a drink that can be made easily, all over the world. For a bar, the drink has to be consistent and not too difficult to make. Ingredients have to be available for the period of the menu. If you work with a year round menu, take that in consideration.

Trends and innovation

When designing a cocktail, looking at trends can be a nice inspiration in cocktail making. Just google them. We make trend lists as well. Look at some of our blogs on this website. One of the trends we see more and more is the use of oils in cocktails. This can be essential oils but what we mainly see is oils as used in the kitchen. Olive oils, coconut oils and other oils. Years ago on the sixth menu at Demain, Ivar put a sesame oil infused drink on the menu. Do you want to see how we did that? Click on the link below: