Caleb’s Kola

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About This Project

Making a new Kola

Caleb’s Kola

What an exciting project this is. This new and premium kola from the pepsi company is launched on the Dutch market in october 2017. Caleb’s kola is a crafted, premium kola where the extract of the kola nut and fair-trade certified cane sugar play an important role. Together with the subtle hints of vanilla and orange, this characterises caleb’s. The smaller, almost champagne like bubbles in caleb’s give the kola a nice and smooth mouthfeel. Caleb’s is a very traditional kola recipe for the very modern kola lover.


Drinking strategy for caleb’s kola

After the successful work on Russell & co with the pepsi company in Holland, was approached to design the drinking strategy for caleb’s kola as well. We decided to go for a simple drink strategy with original drinks full of flavour and easy to make. The drinks represent caleb’s character. Classic, full of flavour and maybe not what you expect straight away.

Hero drinks

Every brand needs it hero drinks. Our hero drink for caleb’s is very easy. A bourbon & kola garnished with an orange wedge. A drink that goes perfectly together with a good hamburger, can be drunk on a terras in summer and in front of a fireplace in winter.

Our second hero drink is served with Union55. This new Dutch salted caramel spiced rum goes perfectly well with the orange, vanille and kola nut flavour of caleb’s. Garnished with a lime wedge and salt and chocolate on the side. It doesn’t get better than that.

Mezcal & Coke + Label

But we have five more

And now it gets a bit more out of the ordinary. Who would guess kola goes well with tequila or mescal? Well, it does. It is like this odd, perfect marriage. You can’t really explain why, but it works.

Fernet Branca and kola is already a very popular drink in Argentina and there is a good reason for that. The minty bitterness of fernet branca, is well balanced with caleb’s kola. And then there is cachaca. The grassy sugar notes of this

Brazilian spirit behave very well  in the mix with caleb’s kola.

Last but not least, caleb’s kola with a splash of lime juice and Bols ginger is something that everybody should try.

We are very happy to have the possibility to work on this project and we hope that you enjoy one of our drinks soon.