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Blue Gin by Ivar

Hotel Blue in Nijmegen

Sander Hendrix and Aida Papilaja start Hotel Blue in May 2016. As the successful owners of the award wining hotel Manna, they decide it is time for the next step. For the bar in Hotel Blue, they approach to develop the spirit- and cocktail menu and barconcept. They also ask to do an intensive cocktail-, spirit- and hospitality training with the staff of Hotel Blue.

Hotel Blue is high-end hotel with an approachable attitude. The hotel has thirty rooms, a lounge, a quality restaurant and an exclusive cocktailbar. A beautiful small town hotel with a big city attitude. This big city attitude with a very personal approach is translated into the cocktail menu by

The bar

Sander and Aida give complete freedom in developing the barconcept. This has resulted in a quality cocktail- and spirit list. Just the way we like it. Special and well chosen spirits. Not too many, but a good quality selection in every spirit category.

We put twelve cocktails on the menu. For these cocktails we had the great possibility to work together with the experienced kitchen staff. This has resulted in a well balanced cocktail menu with cocktails full of flavour and fresh ingredients from the kitchen. It is always a big plus for bartenders when they can work together with a seasoned kitchen team. Their experience and knowledge of flavours and the possibility to work with homemade ingredients can raise the bar.

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Blue Gin by Ivar

To give the bar a unique personal touch, we wanted to have something of our own. Together with Mr. Mofongo’s distillery in Groningen, we developed an unique Gin. Blue Gin by Ivar. From the bottle design to the product itself, every step is thought of in detail.

Blue Gin by Ivar is what some people may call a New World Dry Gin, meaning lower in Juniper Berries and more botanical forward. A neutral wheat grain basis is redistilled with eight different botanicals where the fresh citrus tones of Green Sencha Lime tea are combined with the sweet notes of elderflower and fresh Ginger. It gives your cocktail fresh and sweet notes with a slightly crisp and spicy finish.

Having a house gin turns out to be a great asset to the hotel concept and a unique marketing item. Blue Gin by Ivar is exclusively sold at Hotel Blue in Nijmegen Go get your bottle, it’s the perfect gift!

Signature drinks:

Blue Gin Fizz

– 1,5 ounce Blue Gin by Ivar
– 1 ounce Vanilla Cream
– 1/3 ounce of lemon juice
– 1/3 ounce of lime juice

Shake and stain over ice cubes

Top up with Elderflower Tonic
Garnish with dried rosebuds and vanilla pod

Blue Gin & Tonic

50 ml Blue Gin

150 ml Tonic Water

Garnish with dried rosebuds and rosemary sprig


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