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Mary One

How to make this twist on a Bloody Mary.

Watch this popular youtube tutorial on how to make the Mary One,’s popular twist on the Bloody Mary.


The Bloody Mary

Eén van de meest bekende en beruchtste cocktails. Is ie vernoemd naar de bloeddorstige Engelse koningin? Of is ie toch ontstaan in Parijs. De Bloody Mary wordt in ieder geval vaak in de ochtend gedronken. Als een soort pick me up drankje na een avond veel drinken. Deze cocktail op basis van wodka met tomatensap, citroensap, tabasco en worchestershiresauce kent vele varianten. De tomaat is wel de gemene deler van de Bloody Mary twists. Voor World Class, een internationale cocktail wedstrijd, is de Mary One ontworpen.

The Mary One

Taking the Bloody Mary as a starting point, the Mary One is an elaborate twist on this classic. Starting with a wodka as the classic base, we infused this with artichokes. Both the heart and the leaves, and the heart just a little bit longer. We shake this with some lemon juice and homemade tomato jam. This is a sweeter ingredient then the tomato juice and it works very well with the artichokes. Balancing the sweetness out with some homemade red pepper bitters and angostura really works. We shake all ingredients with the white of one egg and shake it into a small jam jar.

The Video

As part of the competition the video of the Mary One is published on youtube. It turns out to be a popular cocktail. With over 25000 views, it is one of the more frequently viewed cocktail tutorials. If you want to know more about making the Mary One, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly guide you through the proces of making the ingredients. If you make it, please let us know what you think!