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Black Fox Nijmegen

What is Black Fox Nijmegen

Black Fox Nijmegen is the third restaurant that Bas Hoebink, owner of Het Hoofdkwartier Horeca, opens. Black Fox Nijmegen is a restaurant and butcher in the centre of Nijmegen. During the day the butcher is open and operating. Selling both the best meat to its customers, while preparing the meat for the three restaurants. As a result Black Fox Nijmegen serves the best meat in town. Furthermore they have one of the largest whisk(e)y collections in town.

What did do?

Bas asked to design a whisk(e)y centred menu for Black Fox Nijmegen. Drinks that go well with the food, and by itself. Therefore gets total freedom. develops seven mixed drinks and three whisk(e)y shots for the menu. Amongst them are a bacon infused whiskey, fig and cassia drink, a barrel aged Vieux Carre and Echinacea syrup with grain whisky drink. The signature drink for the restaurant is a kick ass Espresso Old Fashioned.

Drinks in Nijmegen

In 2008 Ivar de Lange opens his famous cocktail bar in the centre of Nijmegen, Demain. Ivar moves from Amsterdam to Nijmegen to go to University and works as a bartender throughout his university years. Together with opening Demain, he has the goal to raise the drinking bar in Nijmegen. We think this is accomplished by training and making drinking menus for over 20 bars in Nijmegen. Want to know which bars? Check some of the other blogs on this website.

When to visit Black Fox Nijmegen?

Black Fox opens seven days a week and we kindly invite you to taste one of the amazing drinks there. Make sure you make a reservation for the weekends. It will be very crowded. And if you want to have the real good meat, you might have to make a reservation for that up front. Want to know more about Black Fox Nijmegen? Visit their website.

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