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Watch the video below for the Best Bars Netherlands tour for LXRY TV


LXRY TV is Holland’s most popular luxury live style program. It takes you to the world of luxury yachts, exclusive cars and the most exotic houses. Under the strong guidance of Yves Gijrath, LXRY has become an icon for the Dutch luxury world. Ivardelange.com has the honour to host the luxury drink part for LXRY TV for two years. With his usual enthusiasm, knowledge and passion, Ivar takes you to the Best Bars Netherlands and shows you everything you need to know about cocktails.

LXRY TV Bar Tour

For this episode of the show, Ivar takes you to three of his favourite bars in the country. To start with his most favourite bar, and also the bar he tends once a week on thursday. Tales & Spirits is located in the city centre of Amsterdam just of the Singel. Number 18 on the World 50 Best Bars list and rightly so. The well trained star bartender team of Tales & Spirits makes sure you will drink the best drink and get the best hospitality. Owners Boudewijn Mesritz and Lydia Soedadi have truly established a small jewel in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Bars

After Tales & Spirits Ivar takes you to the Harbour Club. A bar and restaurant situated at the water in the west of Amsterdam. A great place to enjoy a good Gin & Tonic or better, a Genever & Tonic. This is the place to be if you want to enjoy the sunshine out on the water, but don’t want to travel to the seaside. After the Harbour Club, Ivar want to show you a hotel bar. Hotel bars are becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands and are among the best bars Netherlands. Ivar takes you to the Dylan. A luxury hotel bar on the Amsterdam canals.

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