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Bols Around the World 2017

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Bols Around the World 2017 judging team

As the Lucas Bols Master Bartender, Ivar de Lange will be part of the Bols Around the World 2017 (BATW 2017) iconic team. He will be judging bartenders from all over the world in the biggest Genever competition in the world! Together with cocktail historian David Wondrich, owner of PDT and world know bartender Jim Meehan, Bols Master Distiller Piet van Leijenhorst, old BATW winner Kate Gerwin and Bols Global Brand Ambassador Malika Saidi this is the BATW 2017 Global Judging Team.

BATW 2017

For BATW 2017 Ivar was in charge of constructing and making up the challenges for the global competition. He was the bartending face of the competition. As head of the Bols Bartending Academy and Lucas Bols Master Bartender he also makes the BATW 2017 Knowledge kit. Thousands of bartenders from all over the world participate in the competition. First round they have to change a classic cocktail into a future star. The second round is a knowledge test. In the third round the have to present there Bols Genever serving ritual. In the fourth round they have to showcase their Bols Genever concept in the bar they work at.

Bols Around the World Global Finals

In 2017 the BATW 2017 Global Finals will take place in Amsterdam. For one day the Reguliersdwarsstraat turns into the Bols Genever street. The seven global finalist host their own Bols Genever concept in one of seven selected bars on the Bols Genever street. They will have to do several challenges during the three day final. The culmination of their work they showcase in their Bols Genever bar on the 10th of may. The street is open for visitors and bartenders. This will be the biggest Genever celebration there is.

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Bols Around the World 2017. Are you the next Bols genever Pioneer?