Octans, a spirited bar. Cocktails in Luxemburg

Cocktails in Luxemburg

27 Mar Octans, a spirited bar. Cocktails in Luxemburg


Luxemburg might be a small country, it is big in cocktails. For a country with only half a million citizens, cocktails in Luxemburg are not hard to find. Even better, bars in Luxemburg are not hard to find. Luxemburg is a very international city with people from all over the world coming there to work. They mainly come to work for banks or the European Union. I have been told that only half of the people living in the country are actual citizens of Luxemburg. This international character of the city is being showcased in the many cocktail bars, good restaurants and champagne bars in Luxemburg.

Cocktails in Luxemburg

I started the night in Luxemburg with cocktails in Go Ten. This gin-centered bar is one of the first cocktailbars in Luxemburg and has been around since 2009. Sebastien van der Weerden, a cocktail aficionado started the bar out of passion and to raise the bar scene in Luxemburg. And he raised that bar in a remarkable fashion by opening eight bars in the past years. One of his most recent openings is Bellamy, Bar & Cookery, where I designed the drinks for the opening night and did a little guest shift there. A cozy two floor bar where you feel at home immediately. Another great place to drink cocktails in Luxemburg.

Octans, a spirited bar

To really catch the classic and creative cocktail vibe in Luxemburg, you have to go to Octans. A beautiful bar with a large drinks collection that features many great spirits. Well educated bartenders that are serious and passionate about their profession, tend bar here. I had the privilege of working with and training the bar team and we were amazed by the level and dedication.

The menu features drinks from all parts of the world and this is being translated in the menu looking like a world map. I was pleased to see that Holland is represented with a Genever drink. It might have to do something with the Dutch heritage of the owner.

With an amazing bar scene and a beautiful old city centre, Luxemburg should be on everybody’s go-to list!

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