Taking the House of Bols Team foraging in Amsterdam.

foraging cocktail ingredients

28 Jan Taking the House of Bols Team foraging in Amsterdam.

Foraging with the House of Bols Bartenders

Lucas Bols

The Bols family starts distilling liqueurs in Amsterdam in 1575. They open a distillery at the Rozengracht and call it ‘t Lootsje’. This means little warehouse in Dutch. The Rozengracht is named after the many roses that grow along the canal. What a great place for foraging cocktail ingredients that would be! In the 17th century, Lucas Bols grows rapidly as a company. Because Lucas Bols is a major shareholder of the biggest trading company in the world they have global reach. As a result the company is able to ship their products all over the world. And also get herbs and spiced from all exotic regions. All natural and all organic. So an early form of foraging cocktail ingredients if you like.


House of Bols

Nowadays Lucas Bols operates worldwide. They distribute their liqueurs and genevers to more than 110 countries. Consequently the headquarters of the company is not at the Rozengracht anymore. It became to small for the operation. At the very popular and almost majestic museumplein, Lucas Bols is situated. This is also where the House of Bols is. An interactive cocktail museum, with a well known and respected bar. This is where the Bols bartenders work and train. A part of their training is letting them experience new techniques and different ways of approaching bartending. Foraging cocktail ingredients is one of them.

Foraging cocktail ingredients

Together with Lynn Shore from urbanherbology.com we go to the Vondelpark and Museumplein. These two central locations in Amsterdam turn out to be foraging cocktail treasures. Almost everything we see, turns out to be edible. We are able to take some very interesting herbs and spices back to the House of Bols. In the House of Bols, Lynn shows us how to use these ingredients in cocktails and how to process them in cocktail ingredients.

Read all about our foraging trip through Amsterdam here. Are you interested? Please contact us!

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