Genever in Geneva

Cocktails in Geneva

09 Feb Genever in Geneva

Read here about the trip we made to Geneva to talk about Genever and where to drink cocktails in Geneva.

Cocktails in Geneva

Where to go?

Where to drink cocktails in Geneva? This is a question people ask me quiet a lot. My brother lives close to Geneva and he or his friends go there quiet often. It is a great city to visit and known of course for its beautiful location at the Lake of Geneva. This could definitely be a city where I could come across what I call a hidden gem. A bar that not a lot of people know, but is definitely worth visiting!

Little Barrel

So having the change to talk to some Swiss bartenders about Bols Genever was a great opportunity to go to this beautiful city and get to know the bar scene. Our contacts in Geneva told us there is one bar you need to go for cocktails in Geneva. That is Little Barrel at Rue du Lac. The two young and passionate owners and bartenders of the bar, have made their marks in the Swiss bar scene. In addition they are passionate about their craft and passionate about their bar, they are a joy to talk to and to see them work.


What we see more often on our travels over the world, is spirit centred bars. Such is Little Barrel. With over 70 kinds of rum from all over the world, the can be viewed as rum experts. The Bols Genever Barrel Aged I brought, was right up their alley. The wood flavours of the Limousin oak work perfectly together with the botanicals. Hence the spirit gets a touch of the rum feel.

If you talk rum, you talk tiki. And this is what they like at Little Barrel. I have been enjoying some nice zombies, rum punches and Mai Tai’s! Though don’t call them a tiki bar, they are a rum bar. And with rum there is more to do than tiki. If you want to know more about Little Barrel, click the link above!

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