What we do

Cocktails and Cocktail Training!

What we do is what we are,

what we are is what we do.

Ivardelange.com is a platform for knowledge and creaticity


We make menus

We make new drinks

We train your staff

We promote your brand

We do cocktail training

We host your show

We challenge ourselves

We challenge you

We push the boundaries

We create experiences


Ivar de Lange is an award winning bartender and entrepeneur with a masters degree in Medical Psychology. He is curious by nature and likes to discover the world and ambark in new adventures.


His expercience in bars and hospitality, combined with his experience as a social scientist, make him an ideal partner in representing your brand, advising your company, training your staff or putting together your new menu!


As Master Bartender at Lucas Bols, Ivar de Lange is head of the Bols Bar Academy and globally responsible for the Lucas Bols cocktail program. In that capacity he travels the world to talk about Genever and cocktails but also has the opportunity to learn about bartending in different cultures.

Besides that, Ivar likes to write about bars. Mostly about bars that he considers hidden gems. Bars not a lot of bartenders talk about, but are so good that they can’t be missed .

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Maker’s Mark Mixology Sessions, 1st place

NBC National Championships , 1st place

IBA World Championships, 5th place

Rose’s Cup Netherlands, 1st place

Roses’s Cup Europe, 4th place

Diageo World Class Netherlands, 1st place

Diageo World Class Western Europe Speed Round, 1st place

Diageo World Class Global Finals, 9th place

Ivar has been awarded with the Golden Bow Tie Award for

Best Bartender by the Dutch Hospitality and Spirit Industry.