Cocktail Consultancy

Do you want to start your bar or rather change your current bar? And do you need help with your menu design and staff training? ivardelange.com is specialised in cocktail consultancy. Since we have years of bar- and training experience, we are the go to company for cocktail training, menu design and menu advies.

Bar design

The first fase of the cocktail consultancy is talking and listening to what you want. Most of all, we make a bar that is your bar, not ours. We try to make a plan that fits your needs and adjust it to the market and target group you are aiming for. Because not in every city you can do what bars in Amsterdam, London and New York do, we adjust the concept to the city and region you are in.

Product Development

Taste and flavour is something we specialise in. Therefore developing well tasting and quality products is something we love. Furthermore we believe that equally important as making a good product, is selling that product. If wanted, we develop a marketing plan with you and try to make your product as sexy as possible!