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cocktails in Philadelphia

20 Jan Bols Genever @ A.Kitchen + Bar Philadelphia

It’s all about cocktails in Philadelphia

Bols Genever in the USA

Being the master bartender at Lucas Bols takes you to all different places. One of the most interesting markets to visit for a bartender is the United States. This time I was drinking cocktails in Philadelphia. Cocktails are in America’s dna. Where in Europe often people order a beer or a wine, in the USA an Old Fashioned or Dry Martini is just as normal. The first time the word cocktail was described in 1806, is in an american newspaper. Many roots of some of the oldest cocktails lie in the US. The first cocktail book ever, is written by Jerry Thomas. A famous America bartender. One out of four drinks in that book are made with Holland Gin. The word they used back then for genever. Bols has been exporting their genever to the States since 1823. Probably many of the classic cocktails have been made with Bols Genever.

Cocktails with Bols Genever

One of the first recipes known, is the Holland Gin cocktail. This recipe has been written down in the 1830’s. It is a simple but tasteful mix of Bols genever, sugar syrup, angostura bitters and water. This recipe might remind you of another classic cocktail from the 1880’s, the old fashioned. And yes indeed, the Holland Gin cocktail is in a sense the preceder of the old fashioned cocktail.

In Jerry Thomas’ famous cocktail book we can also find some drinks that are still made today. What about the John Collins. Yes indeed, also the preceder of the now well known Tom Collins, but with genever instead of gin. Genever gives the Collins more of a malty and grainy flavour that pairs very well with the citrus tones of the lemon juice.

Cocktails in Philadelphia

One of my favourites market visits is the one to Philadelphia. When I think about cocktails in the USA, I automatically think New Orleans, New York or San Fransisco. If someone would have told me that I would drink some of the best cocktails in Philadelphia, I would have been surprised. But yet it is true. And then especially the ones made for me at A.Kitchen + Bar.

Read about my visit to A.Kitchen + Bar and the amazing Paul McDonald in Philadelphia by clicking on the link below.

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