Aperitivo in Milano- It is not only fashion in Milan

Aperitivo in Milan

11 Apr Aperitivo in Milano- It is not only fashion in Milan

Aperitivo in Milano

We are happy and honoured to be invited to come to Italy to visit Milano, Bologna and Roma to finally experience the famous Italian aperitif moment. But also to experience the Genever trend that is going on in Italy right now. Aperitivo is the moment right after work. Probably tout hip Milano goes to the bar to enjoy classic Italian aperitif cocktails. They also get free finger foods on the side. On our trip, Gancia Spirits is our host and they show us great hospitality. But most of all, the amazing pleasure of having some Bols Genever drinks during aperitivo.

Genever in Milano

As you can read more often here at ivardelange.com, we like to discover the local influences on the use of Genever. Discovering the aperitivo moment in Italy is high on the list. The classic Dutch spirit Bols Genever, is at the core of the cocktail development in the 19th century. One out of four cocktails described in the first cocktailbook ever written by Jerry Thomas in 1862, you can make with Genever. Since Lucas Bols imports their Genever into the United States since 1823, it is most likely those cocktails are made with Bols Genever. In 2008 Lucas Bols relaunched their classic 1820 recipe for bartenders to be able to recreate some of these classic recipes. We like to challenge bartenders worldwide to create their own, local twist on a classic.

Opera 33

As frequent readers of my blog know, the Genever Sazerac is one of my favourite drinks. So I challenge Terry Monroe, the owner of Opera 33, to make me here twist on the Genever Sazerac during aperitivo. And o, the things she makes.. I always like creativity. Consequently, having the guts to deconstruct my favorite drink, I can highly appreciate!

So read all about the trip ivardelange.com made to Italy to discover the Genever trends there:


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